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Looking for a pollution free and efficient transport system?

Yes, we have those vehicles which are the best choice due to zero carbon emission and noiseless transport experience.

Why Kinetic ?

Well engineered yet affordable solutions suitable for evolving market segments for green mobility. Riding on the most advanced technologies, KE Motors is ready to take the world forward. It's not just a journey ahead in distance. It's a journey ahead in time,towards a green tomorrow! The Vehicles are designs from the future, smart, sophisticated and most importantly, sensitive to future requisites. Their intrinsic features, like zero carbon emissions, no noise, no vibrations, elegant looks and intelligent ergonomics, earn them a favor with modern sensibilities. As we present the complete range of Electric Vehicles, it is not just a sense of pride that we feel; it is the sense of deep satisfaction that comes from changing the course of things for better.

Why Eco Motors?

Eco motors have a number of advantages when compared to traditional engines. The initial cost of an eco motor is much lower than a fossil-fuel engine with the same horsepower rating. Eco motors have relatively few moving parts, which means they have a longer lifespan. Typically, an eco motor that is properly maintained offers more hours of operating life without needing major repairs. Overall, eco motors require minimal maintenance service. Additionally, eco motors are highly efficient, and automated controls allow for automatic and remote start and stop functions. They don't require fuel, so there is no engine oil maintenance or battery service, and they don't freeze in sub-zero temperatures.